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I have always had the attitude go hard or go home. I knew when I was pregnant I wanted a personal trainer, to guide and push me in the right ways through my changing body and prepare me for birth. I started training with Larrie at the start of my second trimester. 

Working with Larrie has been motivating and inspiring, realising what my body can still achieve during pregnancy and how I can support my changing body. 

I love our sessions, I feel motivated and powerful during and after. 

Larrie is really easy to get along with, funny, smart, kind and most of all really experienced and knowledgeable. 

The strengthening exercise we are doing are building my confidence and keeping me connected to my pre pregnancy routine. I struggled to find a good personal trainer that would guide me through pregnancy and a trainer that would push me within the correct boundaries. 

Any ladies wanting a pregnancy trainer or a personal trainer specifically focusing on strengthening I can personally recommend Larrie Lang. She is brilliant!


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